Virtual Seating Coach

When you sign up for the Virtual Seating Coach service (the “VSC Service”), Permobil collects and processes personal information, including e-mail addresses, names, information about how the VSC Service is used, and information on your use of the wheelchair. This information is necessary for the VSC Service to function properly and for your healthcare provider to specialize your health services and treatment. Optional information includes addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, and health information.

You can connect to the VSC Service through a web portal or an application (“app”) on your mobile phone. The mobile phone app requires a username or email address and password to enable the connection to your personal information. You will only be able to access your own personal information when logged into the app or web portal. Any information transferred between the app or web portal and the secure server where your personal information is stored is encrypted in transit.

Purpose and/or Activity Type of Personal Information Source of Personal Information Legal Basis for Processing
To provide you with My Permobil solutions or provide access to our website. Identity Information
Contact Information
Usage Information
Information
Limited Health Information
Location Information
Directly from you or from your dealer or clinician.

 Collected from device sensors.


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